Small Business, Big Results: Why You Need Customer Service Training

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small business big results why you need customer service training

Do you ever have to deal with angry, unhappy customers? Of course you do.

You’re in business aren’t you? But how do you view customer complaints? As a pain and something to be avoided at all costs? Or as an opportunity to learn how to make your business even more attractive to your customers?

The way that you deal with those unhappy customers will have a critical impact

on your business. After all, no business or organization can please all their customers all the time. Things will go wrong. Importantly, the way you handle those complaining customers makes all the difference in whether or not they return to do business with you again. If you get it wrong, they may generate bad word-of-mouth advertising that hurts your business. If you get it right, they may turn into cheerleaders for your business.

Let’s pause and examine the impact of poor customer service. Lets really look at the effects of mediocre service skills:
  • The cost of attracting a new customer is 5 times he cost of keeping an existing one.


  • Dissatisfied customers tell an average 10-20 other people about their bad experience. And in the digital age, with social media reach they can tell even more with the click of a button.
  • 96% of dissatisfied customers do not complain about poor service, instead they go to your competitor.


  • However, on the flip side, 95% of those same dissatisfied customers will become loyal customers again if their complaint is handled well and quickly.


  • In this day and age, with many businesses selling the same product or service, quality of service, the experience your create with that service is the ONLY variable that can distinguish your company, product or service from your competition. Providing this kind of service, that meets or exceeds expectation: builds customer loyalty, increases profits, reduces cost, and leads to greater employee productivity and engagement.


  • Customers are willing to pay more for better service.

Most companies, managers, and business owners give lip service to the idea that “customer is king”, or the “customer is always right” but the real challenge is translating these beliefs and slogans into actions the convey these beliefs.

Often the lowest paid and least well-trained employee’s are the ones dealing with customer everyday. That means your business success is placed squarely in the hands of a minimum wage teenager, or hourly representative who handles the day to day transactions.

In order for your employees to deliver service that keeps your customers coming back for more, they must be trained. Customer Service is not hard, but its incredibly tricky when you have never been trained or equipped with the proper skills to handle customers. Training your employees in the skills of how to treat customers is an important part of being able to deliver consistently outstanding customer service. Customer Service Training will provide a framework for implementing ongoing processes that will grow the skills of your team and build customer loyalty.

Here are two free training activities you can do with your team today and for a sample training program start here.


trevina broussard head shotAbout Trevina Broussard

I share powerful Customer Service tips and insights for front line managers and employees on how to deliver customer service to keep your customer coming back. The name of the game is customer loyalty and it’s not just about satisfaction. It’s about a willingness to be a repeat buyer, willingness to recommend you to others, and resistance to switching to a competitor. Fortunately I learned this lesson through my 15-year corporate career. Poor service is an all-too-frequent experience for us all. I provide a framework for implementing ongoing processes that can build customer loyalty.

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