Top 10 Commandments of Customer Service

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It’s a fact of business life, you must keep your customers happy wi10 commandments of customer serviceth the level of service you are offering.

But how do you do that?

Here’s a list of the Top Ten Commandments of Customer Service. If you follow these, you will be sure to achieve a level of service that will help you distinguish your service and organization from your competition.

  1. Care about your employees and treat them well.

Employee relations mirror your customer relations. If your employees do not feel that they are treated well, then they will treat your customers the same way. And of course, the opposite is true.

2. Praise and recognize your employees often.

The more praise and recognition you give, the better! You need to have both formal and informal programs in place. Don’t just leave it to “employee of the month” programs; have lots of awards that are achievable by anyone who wants to try. Train your managers in praising techniques and reward them when they so it.

3. Know and listen to your customers.

If you don’t really know your customers, how can you know what they value?  And if you don’t give them what they value, they will soon take their business elsewhere. Develop several methods for listening to your customer like focus groups, questionnaires, customer panels and just plain one-on-one listening.

4. Believe that customer service drives profit.

Truly believe that customer service drives profit – because, it does! There are many statistics and case studies that support this fact. Your bottom line can be positively impacted if your service is good enough.

5. Train and empower your people.

And that means everyone, from the top down. How can you expect your employees to handle irate customers very well if you’ve never taught them how to do it? If they are constantly having to run to their manager for every little decision, how can you ever expect to have customers believe that your service is exceptional?

6. Clarify your service strategy.

What level of service do you want to offer and how are you going to accomplish it? Are you going to be a Ritz Carlton or a McDonalds as far as service is concerned? How far are you willing to go in achieving the level of service you want? All of this must be clarified from the very start.

7. Ruthlessly weed out all policies and procedures that are customer unfriendly.

Many companies put up numerous barriers to good customer service. Is your return policy easy to understand and implement, for instance? What about your telephone system? Get rid of all your “rupoles” (rules, policies and procedures) that stand between you and your customer.

8. The company culture must be totally fanatical about customer service.

Everything must be focused on serving the customer. Be like Home Depot: “If you’re not serving the customer, you’d better be serving someone who is.”

9. Continually improve your service levels.

Be perpetually dissatisfied with your level of service. Everyone in your organization needs to be continually looking for ways to improve your service. Develop systems to capture everyone’s ideas in this area and then implement the best of them.

10. Remember that everyone has customers.

Internal customer service is just as important as service to the external customer. Do not allow different departments, divisions or organizations to deliver poor service to each other.

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