Rev Up Yourself and Your Business For The New Year

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rev-up-your-business-for-the-new-yearGet yourself revved up for the New Year and believe that this is going to be your best year yet.

It can be if you use some of these tips.

Use the tips below to  make a strategic plan of what you are going to do this year to keep your business thriving. Don’t just stumble along hoping things will work out.

Rev up your marketing and advertising.

I don’t know about you, but when I am in a really busy period, I neglect to do some of the things that brought me the business in the first place. So evaluate what activities and advertising resulted in good leads and subsequent business and do more of that. Here are a few ideas in that area:

  • Networking always works for me. Get out to meetings and other events and make yourself visible. But remember that networking is more than just passing out business cards. You must pique a person’s interest in your products or services with your conversation. Be genuinely interested in them and how you can help them improve their business along with yours.
  • Call former clients that haven’t used you in awhile and see what they are planning for the upcoming year. Your former, satisfied customers are the best source of business and referrals.
  • Make sure your website is well-positioned in the search engines so your name will come up among the first. More and more potential customers are using the web to find what they want and need.
  • Write articles and publish them in your association newsletter or on the web. Make your business as visible as possible.

Rev up your attitude.

  • Concentrate on developing a mindset of abundance. Energy flows where attention goes. Are you focusing on lack or opportunity? Listen to the way you talk to yourself. Studies show that 85% of what we tell ourselves is negative, so turn that around and every time you catch yourself in a negative thought, erase it and replace it with something positive.
  • Attend positive seminars, watch uplifting programs and listen to positive people with positive thoughts. Avoid the “ain’t it awful” people who can drag you down. Doom and gloom attracts more doom and gloom.
  • Make a daily gratitude list and focus on all the good and wonderful things you have in your life already. I do that every day as I go to work.

Rev up your creativity and resourcefulness.

  • Some time in the next two weeks come up with 20 new ideas to grow your business. Then do that again for the next two days. Take that list of 60 ideas and choose three to five of them based on the ease of making them happen, rate of return, how fast you can implement them and how quickly they will pay off.

Try some of these techniques to get yourself revved up for the coming year and see how your business soars.

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I share powerful Customer Service tips and insights for front line managers and employees on how to deliver customer service to keep your customer coming back. The name of the game is customer loyalty and it’s not just about satisfaction. It’s about a willingness to be a repeat buyer, willingness to recommend you to others, and resistance to switching to a competitor. Fortunately, I learned this lesson through my 15-year corporate career. Poor service is an all-too-frequent experience for us all. I provide a framework for implementing ongoing processes that can build customer loyalty.

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