Time Management and Workplace Productivity

“Time Management Without Time”

Are you on constant “overload status?” Do you never have enough time to do it all? One of the most precious resources of the new millennium is time, yet managing your time is not as easy as it used to be. Learn the keys to time management and workplace productivity.

We are all challenged to do more with less and that means making the best use of your time.

This session includes information on:

  • The two types of time users
  • The three types of time
  • The three “D’s” necessary for good time management
  • Doing the right things and doing things right
  • Twenty one ways to get twenty extra minutes every day

“Delegation Skills—Holding on & Letting Go”

Increased productivity in a fast-paced environment requires the ability to share your workload with others. Making decisions about what to hold onto and what to let go of requires a clear understanding of the strengths and talents of others and an honest assessment of your own priorities, capabilities and limitations in the area of delegation. This session contains information on:

  • Benefits and problems of delegation
  • Reasons for ineffective delegation
  • Twelve ways to delegate effectively
  • Five steps to a successful delegation
  • The five levels of delegation

“Managing Stress in the Workplace”

Controlling and managing stress is critical to a productive workplace. Too much stress can interfere with the ability to concentrate and work effectively. It is imperative that people learn to cope with stress and turn stress into strength using stress reduction techniques. This session contains information on:

  • Ways to put more stress in your life–are you guilty of any?
  • The stress test–identifying symptoms of stress
  • Stress busters for daily life
  • Identifying and dealing with burnout