Effective Team Dynamics Won’t Just Happen – It’ll Take Hard Work!

Trevina will work with you as an external facilitator to make your strategic planning session or organizational retreat flow smoothly and generate better results.


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Through proven facilitation techniques, we can:

  • Help you reduce friction and take down barriers that prevent your team from getting the job done.
  • Help the group expand its ability to reach its goals.
  • Introduce new ways of thinking.
  • Help the group break old attitudes, leaving participants free to explore avenues and solutions never considered before.

We can also work with you to train your own in-house facilitators.

Focus Groups and Facilitation

There are two approaches available:
  1. Trevina conducts the focus groups or facilitation for you using a variety of skills based on the goals and objectives of the  group.

  1. Trevina will train your in-house facilitators to conduct your own focus groups or facilitation.

    The course lasts 6 hours and covers such subjects as:

    • The difference between qualitative and quantitative research
    • Group dynamics that occur in focus groups
    • Elements and flow of a focus group
    • Setting focus group ground rules
    • Development of questions to ask in the focus group
    • The style of the facilitator
    • Using non verbal cues
    • What to do when someone is dominating the group
    • Dealing with other difficult situations
    • Techniques for bringing out the ideas
    • What you need to do after the focus group

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