How to be an Outstanding Team Member  

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Do you work in a team environment? If so, how is your team doing? Do you work well together? Or do employees snipe at each other and refuse to cooperate? Do some people do all the work while others sit idly by? If any of this is true, then your team might need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk about what it takes to be an outstanding team member.

Here are some things you should discuss and get a commitment from each team member that they will try to make them happen.

how to be an outstanding team member
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ACCEPT AND RESPECT TEAM MEMBER’S DIFFERENCES. There is no way that all team members will be alike. We need to realize that just because someone is different from us, he is not necessarily wrong. For example, if you are bored with details, I bet that you are often heard to say that detail people drive you nuts. But you need to realize that detail-oriented coworkers are an important part of the team and will fill in some of the things that you miss.

All too often we focus on what a person is doing wrong rather than concentrating and appreciating what they do right. We forget that it takes all types to make a really strong team.

If your team is having trouble getting along, you might want to consider some teambuilding activities to help them understand and value each other’s differences, rather than to think that something is wrong if everyone doesn’t think alike.


RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S TIME AND PRIORITIES. You may be anxious to discuss the weekend’s activities with a coworker, but that person may be facing an important deadline. Or you might need some figures for a report right away, but the department who can get those figures for you can’t drop everything and get them for you. No matter how much you would like them to.

Be understanding of other people’s time and deadlines. Try to plan ahead to give your coworkers plenty of time to get what you need. Ask, “Is this a good time?” when you interrupt them. And keep interruptions to a minimum!

How To Be A Team Player?

BE POSITIVE. Do you have a fellow employee who is always complaining? It’s really fun to be around them, right? And doesn’t it just give your attitude a lift when they constantly complain? Of course not. That poor attitude of your team member can bring down the whole team.

I’m not talking about the occasional bad day. We all have them. But if a team member is continually negative, you owe it to them and the team to discuss his behavior.


PITCH IN AND HELP OUT. This kind of behavior from each team member makes for a wonderful workplace — one that has a spirit of teamwork and communication. Next time you see someone overwhelmed, and you have just a little extra time, offer to help.   You will find that this kind of behavior is contagious, just like a positive attitude. Before you know it, many of your coworkers will also be offering to help.

So how would you rate yourself on these team skills? Why not schedule a team meeting to talk about them?


I love to help teams learn to work better together. Please call me to discuss it.

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