Do You Need An Attitude Adjustment?

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Do you realize that you train your mind every day to think in certain ways?  It’s true. Think about this example. Every day you stew about how much you hate your boss and the unfair things they do. This only strengthens your negative attitude toward them. Then your bad attitude influences your job performance. What you need is an attitude adjustment!

If, on the other hand, you try to concentrate on his positives, you will steer your mind in that direction. I think this also happens in our relationships with the loves of our lives. When we turn from noticing only the good things about them to dwelling on the bad, that is usually the beginning of the road to divorce or an unhappy relationship.

Here are some mental training techniques to bring your attitude up to its most positive. See if any of these 5 ideas will help you.

  1. Change beliefs through affirmations.

Start with some of your negative beliefs like “I’m no good at computers.” This thought process is just blocking your success. Turn that negative into a positive. Say to yourself, “I enjoy working with computers: I can do it when I try hard enough.” Keep talking to yourself that way, no matter how much you believe that it is not true. Research shows that going through the motions outside creates the emotions inside.

Think of this self talk as positive brainwashing- that sticks!

2. Avoid negative thinking.

Every time you catch yourself in negative self talk, yell “stop” either silently or out loud. I have a friend that does this. She has made herself a great success with this technique even though she came from a disadvantaged background. Do the “attitude flip flop” and immediately substitute realistic, positive thoughts for negative ones.

3. Write.

Keep a journal of your negative thoughts and write how it affected your attitude and behavior that day. Rewrite the negative thoughts to reflect positive thinking. Then reread that once a day. You will soon find that you are having less negative thoughts as you retrain yourself to think in a more positive way.

4. Practice mental focus.

Learn to live in the moment and to savor each experience. Really enjoy and concentrate on each minute in time. This will help to keep you from worrying about the past or fretting over the future.

5. Choose each day what kind of a day you are going to have.

You already do that unconsciously. Do you have to push yourself out of bed because you dread the day ahead? You are negative goal setting. When you find yourself doing that, force yourself to think of one positive thing about the day, and then move on from there to think about other positive events. Maybe it will be going to lunch at a place you particularly like or treating yourself to an activity after work.

Then, visualize how you want your day to go. See yourself remaining cool and collected in the midst of the crises you know will be coming. Picture yourself going through the day in a positive manner and conquering whatever it is that is making you anxious.

Try some of these “attitude adjustment” techniques and let me know how they work.

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