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 dealing with criticism

Dealing With Criticism

This guide includes effective, easy to implement strategies you can use to handle criticism. Download to see if any of these will work for you.

 Developing A mindset for Change Customer Service E book

  Developing A Mindset For Change

This straight forward, no nonsense e book lays a groundwork for developing a mindset to manage, survive and thrive in today’s constantly changing workplace.

 8 keys to customer service culture ebook cover

 8 Keys to Creating A Customer Service Culture

Everyone, from the top down, must believe that they work for the customer.

Here are 8 straight forward keys to creating a customer service culture.


 6 Keys to better time management Customer Service E book

 6 Keys to Better Time Management

Do you need to increase your productivity? You know, get more done in less time?

Download 6 keys to better productivity and time management.

 Take this Job& love it Customer Service E book

 Take This Job & Love It

This pocket guide provides helpful tips to help energize your job and re-ignite the passion in your position.

 happily_on_hold_cover customer service Ebook

 Happily on Hold

“Happily On Hold” offers the practical guidance you need to convert frustrating exchanges into effective, productive transactions. We all have to put clients on HOLD, but here’s how to do it without causing backlash!


 sample customer service training program e book

Sample Internal Customer Service Training Program

Here is a sample Customer Service training program to use in developing your own internal training approach. Based on the five things all customers want and need in order to feel they have received excellent customer service, this quick easy program can provide a credible foundation for team training.

 How to conduct your own customer panel customer service ebook

 How To Conduct Your Own Customer Panel

Here is a step-by-step process for conducting your own customer panel. You don’t need a fancy room with a two-way mirror. All you need is a room, flipcharts, colored paper, marking pens, masking tape and some chairs.