3 Words To Calm Angry Customers & Boost Your Business

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graphic with light bulb three words that calm angry customers and boost business

Here’s a simple way to create a more positive impression the next time you have to calm an angry customers, diffuse a difficult employee or when a customer or co-worker requests something, don’t respond with the typical:

Ok, I’ll handle it, I’ll deal with it, etc. Instead, tell the person you’ll take care of it.

Consider the difference… while each phrase indicates you’ll comply, with the preferred wording you also convey that you’ll do so with caring. Telling someone you’ll deal with an issue makes it sound like an ordeal. Saying instead you’ll take care of something implies you’re a guardian who will guide the request to completion.

You can use this same phrase to offer additional services: “Would it be helpful if we also took care of this other issue for you?”

Those three words – take care of – make it easier for customers to feel good about doing more business with you.

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I share valuable Customer Service tips and insights for frontline managers and employees on how to deliver customer service to keep your customer coming back. The name of the game is customer loyalty and it’s not just about satisfaction. It’s about a willingness to be a repeat buyer, willingness to recommend you to others, and resistance to switching to a competitor. Fortunately I learned this lesson through my 15-year corporate career. Poor service is an all-too-frequent experience for us all. I provide a framework for implementing ongoing processes that can build customer loyalty.