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Serving Your Internal Customers

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How are your internal “customer service skills?” We talk often of external customer service, but what about serving internal customers? Your co-workers, team, supervisors, etc. Anybody who needs something from you to get his job done is your customer. And … Read More

The Best Way to Improve Employee’s Performance

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In today’s workplace, the best way to improve employee performance is through coaching and counseling. Unfortunately, coaching and counseling have become forgotten practices as businesses do more with less people. Instead of applying coaching and counseling techniques to help build … Read More

5 Basic Ways to Build Rapport With Your Customers       

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People prefer to do business with people they like, so building rapport and establishing a good relationship with your customers is one of the keys to profitability. What are you and your organization doing to develop an outstanding rapport with … Read More

Small Business, Big Results: Why You Need Customer Service Training

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Do you ever have to deal with angry, unhappy customers? Of course you do. You’re in business aren’t you? But how do you view customer complaints? As a pain and something to be avoided at all costs? Or as an … Read More

Using Strategic Communication to Handle Workplace Conflict

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We’ve come to accept conflict is an unavoidable part of our world. It hinders cooperation and teamwork and prevents us from reaching your goals. Getting along with others is no easy task whether it is at work, home or in … Read More

“Customer Service Training Ideas + Two Easy Team Exercises You Can Do Now”

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Do you give your people ongoing customer service training? Need some Customer Service Training Ideas to get you started? Customer service is “emotional labor;” it’s very hard to deal with a large volume of people day after day, some of … Read More

The 6 Deadly Sins of Customer Service

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Many companies preach a good game of customer service, yet are really signaling right and turning left. They have all kinds of signs and slogan around stating that “The customer is number one.” But what they actually do is not … Read More