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Whether you have a need for a customized training program, speaking services for a keynote or breakout session, facilitation of a retreat or a meeting, or consulting services, Houston Customer Service Skills Trainer Trevina can meet that need with an assessment of your situation and careful customization to answer your challenges.
Trevina offers powerful insights and best practices enabling organizations to gain a sustainable advantage through customer service. Passionate about people potential; her credibility comes from the trenches — real world experience in human resources, sales, marketing, customer service, and management that results in practical, down-to earth techniques for all levels of employees.
For over a decade Trevina Broussard has helped companies build a culture of customer service that delivers real business results year after year. Making transformation her mission, Trevina will develop and design an approach tailored to your organization or association; adding suggestions for follow up activities and approaches to help you see results from your training.
Any business can say the “customer is king”, and many spend a lot of time and money on incremental service improvement. But Trevina understands the only reliable way for a company to achieve and maintain a competitive edge is to build a culture that empowers every employee to surprise and delight customers and colleagues every day with truly engaging customer service.
Trevina’s methodology includes a set of proven service principles, leadership rules, culture-building blocks and implementation roadmaps that apply effectively across all industries and cultures. This methodology is easily customized to suit the unique needs of each organization, including all departments and team members from leadership to frontline.
Delivering bottom line impact by:
  • Creating a true culture of service in your organization–It’s more than just training
  • Improving employee productivity and teamwork
  • Enhancing customer service skills of your front line
  • Creating excellent internal customer service teams
  • Improving customer service management and leadership skills
  • Offering pre-program and post-program activities that add to your program
  • Designing and implementing a strategic plan to improve both external and internal customer service
Here are some things Trevina will do for your organization:
  • Show you how to avoid the five worst customer service mistakes that can hinder your organization’s success
  • Train your supervisors and managers in management and motivation
  • Help your managers develop the special skills needed to manage for customer service
  • Help you create specific customer service strategies and implement them to improve service
  • Improve your team’s communication and interpersonal skills
  • Conduct team retreats and develop other initiatives to help your teams work better and more productively therefore improving productivity and workplace performance



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